Salaries of Pakistan SC judges exceed President, PM

Islamabad:  Salaries of the judges of Pakistans Supreme Court are more than those of the President, Prime Minister, ministers, federal secretaries and parliamentarians, according to the data submitted to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The highest salary is that of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), followed by the Supreme Court judges and President, The News reported.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister gets lesser than the salaries of ministers and federal secretaries, the data revealed.

The PAC sought details of perks and privileges received by the President, Prime Minister, CJP and other Supreme Court judges.

As the Supreme Court registrar did not appear before the PAC for the audit of over 10-year expenditures of the apex court on Tuesday, the committee re-summoned him at the next meeting on May 23 and warned of issuing his warrants if he did not appear.

The committee members expressed annoyance over the absence of the registrar.

Attorney General Mansoor Awan said apex court expenditures could be audited and the Public Accounts Committee might review audit reports.


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