Same sex love, then sex change and now betrayal

The two are now on a warpath.

To begin at the beginning, Sonal used to stay with her parents in Jhansi when Sana came in as the paying guest. She stayed on the upper floor of the same house in 2016.

The two girls first became friends and then it blossomed into love within four months.

However, Sana was asked to move out as Sonal’s family did not approve of their relationship.

Sana, who was working in a government job in Jhansi, was allotted a quarter and she moved out in 2017.

Days after Sana had moved out, Sonal too left her house to live with her.

As time passed, Sonal convinced Sana to undergo a sex-change surgery. They visited Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, where doctors performed medical tests and declared Sana ‘fit’ for the procedure.

After the surgery in June 2020, Sana said she officially changed her name to Sohail Khan.

During her hospitalisation, Sonal signed all medical documents as the ‘wife’ of Sohail Khan, Sana claimed.

While Sana was already employed in a government job, Sonal also wanted one. In 2022, Sonal got a job at the Yatharth Hospital.

However, things soon turned sour for Sohail when she noticed a change in Sonal’s behaviour.

Sonal began avoiding her and spent most of her time at the hospital, which often led to arguments between them.

One night, Sohail saw Sonal crying and saying she was missing her family on a group call with two others.

However, she soon discovered that Sonal was in a relationship with one Gyaan, who worked with her at the same hospital.

When questioned, Sonal said she wanted to live with Gyaan.

Sonal soon left Sohail and returned home.

She and her family even filed a case against Sohail, accusing her of rape, abduction and harassment.

Sohail narrated the ordeal before the police, after which Sonal was summoned for questioning but she did not turn up.

Sohail, thereafter, approached the court but Sonal avoided appearing before the court.

Sonal was arrested on January 18 and is now out on bail.

The next hearing is on February 23.


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