Sarmistha Bats For Bigger Role To Odisha in Ship Recycling

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed the Recycling of Ships Bill 2019 that restricts hazardous material on ships and regulates their recycling in India. Participating on the discussion regarding the Bill, Jajpur Lok Sabha Member Sarmistha Sethi has solicited a bigger role for Odisha in the ship recycling arena as it has a long coastline and three big ports.

Participating in the debate, Sarmistha welcomed the Bill and said that Odisha’s 480 Kilometer long coast line provides a conducive industrial environment for Ship Recycling. Setting up of a Ship Recycling Unit in the state will further enhance the employment potential in Odisha and boost economy. Odisha has the best the skills, vision and interest and further support from the center can help bring up a ship recycling industry in the state.

She said, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik supports any initiative that adds value to the economy and Odisha has the potential and the political will power to set up important industries in the state.

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