SC Collegium recommends appointment of 3 permanent judges in Delhi HC

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Collegium, headed by Chief Justice of India D. Y. Chandrachud, has recommended the appointment of three additional judges of the Delhi High Court as permanent judges.

In March this year, the Collegium of the Delhi HC unanimously forwarded its recommendation naming Justices Girish Kathpalia, Manoj Jain, and Dharmesh Sharma.

The SC Collegium said that it has consulted other Judges of the apex court who are conversant with the affairs of the Delhi High Court in terms of the Memorandum of Procedure.

It noted: “The members of the Committee of the Supreme Court constituted by the Chief Justice of India in terms of the Resolution dated October 26, 2017 of the Supreme Court Collegium have assessed the judgments of the above-named Additional Judges. On evaluation of the judgments, the members of the Committee have rated the quality of judgments as ‘Good’.”

It said that it has scrutinised the material placed on record, including the observations made by the Department of Justice in the file, to assess the merit and suitability of these additional judges for appointment as permanent judges of the High Court.

The SC Collegium resolved to recommend that Justices Kathpalia, Jain and Sharma be appointed as permanent judges of the Delhi High Court against the existing vacancies.


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