Shakira announces late 2024 tour dates after surprise performance at Coachella

Los Angeles: Singer Shakira gave a surprise performance as she joined Bizarrap at Coachella and also announced her tour for late 2024.

Shakira joined Bizarrap about half an hour into his set, suddenly appearing behind him, wearing a fiery red-orange dress and giant aviator sunglasses, on an elevated platform behind him, reports

The music paused for a moment as she spoke with the audience in Spanish and English, announcing their forthcoming tour and revealing the meaning behind the message she had teased earlier in the day, “La loba se viene” (the wolf is coming).

The message appeared on the screen behind the stage, and as she announced the tour, it was revealed as the “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour,” reflecting the name of her new album.

“Finally, we’re going on tour – starting here, in November!” she said.

“Starting here, this November, in this city! Can’t wait!”

Coachella will continue through Friday night with a final performance from headlining artist Lana Del Rey.

The weekend will continue with Saturday headliner Tyler, the Creator, and a final closing set with Doja Cat on Sunday.


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