Sheena Chohan read up fascinating texts, did acrobatic training to play Lilith in ‘Bhayaavah’

Mumbai: Actress Sheena Chohan, who is set to play Lilith – a she-demon in the upcoming Hindi mythological thriller series ‘Bhayaavah’ – shared that she read a lot of fascinating ancient texts for her role.

Lillith is a biblical character — Adam’s first wife, who was banished from the Garden of Eden for not obeying him. She also appears as an evil reflection of the feminine aspect of God. Upon her assertion of equality, she was reclaimed as a symbol of independence.

Talking about her character, Sheena said: “After I wrapped my historical biopic ‘Sant Tukaram’, a 15th-century film where I play Avali Bai, I was offered the role of Lillith — so I went from one minute playing the wife of a saint, to the next the daughter of a devil. I had to read a lot of fascinating ancient texts — the story is said to have been removed from the Bible, which added so much mystery I was hooked.”

“And then, after all the reading and researching character references, the next thing I knew I was in six hours of make-up, and then acrobatic training to be hoisted up 15 feet in the air like an evil superwoman,” she shared.

Sheena further added: “I’m so impressed with the producers of this web series — they have gone to great lengths with the makeup and special effects. I was attached to a high wire which sprung me out of a car in a highly detailed prosthetic mask, in front of a 30-meter green screen.”

On the work front, she has also recently wrapped her Hollywood film ‘Nomad’.

Sheena began her acting journey as the female lead opposite megastar Mammootty in a Malayalam film ‘The Train’, directed by National Award Winner, Jayaraj.

She has then featured in movies like ‘Mukti ‘, ‘Patralekha’, ‘Ant Story’; web series ‘City of Dreams’, ‘The Trial’, and ‘The Fame Game’.


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