SHGs To Collect E-Waste In Berhampur

Berhampur: In another step towards engagement of Self Help Groups in environment friendly activities, the Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) has signed an MOU with an Andhra based company for collection and recycling of e-waste from the town of Berhampur.

The company will engage SHGs to collect e-waste and transport it to the neighboring Srikakulam district for recycling. For this they will be given Rs 10 per kg of waste. Presently Berhampur generates about two tonnes of E-Waste per month and there is no organized management of E-Waste.

According to Chakravarti Singh Rathore, Commissioner BeMC, “Self-help groups will collect E-Waste from households for which they will be given commission. All safety procedures will be adopted for proper management of the E-Waste. There will be proper storage and transport system for the waste collected. The Company will transport the collected waste to Srikakulam for processing”.

With new technology coming and making old electronic items obsolete, the quantity of E-Waste is rising day to day. Old television sets, electronic items, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, chargers etc contain harmful components which can impact the environment.

According to Vijay Amruta Kulange, Collector Ganjam, Berhampur Municipal Corporation will also take steps to sensitize public about careful disposal of the E-Waste.

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