Shiprocket integrates Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud to empower 1.5 lakh Indian merchants

New Delhi: Data cloud company Snowflake, on Wednesday, announced that e-commerce enablement platform Shiprocket has successfully deployed its artificial intelligence (AI) Data Cloud, which will empower 1.5 lakh Indian merchants providing faster access to data to allow businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly, gaining a competitive edge.

This will also empower Shiprocket to streamline data operations, gain real-time insights, and deliver an enhanced customer experience for its vast network of merchants.

“This strategic collaboration empowers our sellers to scale their data infrastructure seamlessly as their businesses grow,” Saahil Goel, MD & CEO of Shiprocket, said in a statement.

“The enhanced data processing capabilities and real-time insights provided by Snowflake will enable our sellers to optimise their operations more efficiently,” he added.

Leveraging Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud has significantly reduced data processing time from days to minutes. This newfound agility has allowed Shiprocket to optimise operations, improve decision-making, and ultimately deliver a seamless e-commerce experience for its seller base, the company said.

“As Shiprocket expands its operations, Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud provides a scalable, cost-effective, secure platform to support their diverse data needs to drive business value,” said Vijayant Rai, MD India, Snowflake.

Moreover, Shiprocket plans to explore advanced applications within the AI Data Cloud, like Generative AI (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs) in the future.


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