Shruthy Menon: My audition scenes for ‘Shehar Lakhot’ were tough to crack

Mumbai: Actress Shruthy Menon, who takes center stage in the web series on ‘Shehar Lakhot’, opened up on her audition for the show, saying the scenes were tough to crack.

Portraying the character of Sandhya, a resilient small-town girl facing societal injustices, Shruthy infuses life into the narrative with her remarkable talent. Sandhya’s journey, marked by hope, ambition, and the challenges of survival, promises to be a powerful cinematic experience.

Reflecting on her audition, Shruthy shared: “My audition scenes were tough to crack, but I was confident that it went well. After a few months, I got a call telling me that the role is mine. I went to the Offroad office, read the whole script, and I was simply blown away. It was thrilling.”

“Imagine a director like Navdeep Singh telling you, ‘Read the script because there are some scenes which, as a woman, we need to be sure that you are okay doing them.’ It was unusual for a big director to speak with that much respect,” said the ‘Ray’ fame actress.

Working closely with director Navdeep during workshops, Shruthy praised his approach, saying, “Navdeep sir lets you fly as an artist. He doesn’t confine or restrict you to his vision. He was liberal with us in workshops as also on set. It was an absolute pleasure working with a genius like Navdeep Singh.”

Talking about her co-stars, Shruthy highlighted the camaraderie that developed both on and off-screen.

All my co-stars– Chandan Roy Sanyal, Priyanshu Painyuli, Kubbra Sait, Shruti Jolly and Kashyap Shangari are all highly professional. It just so happened that all of us would hang out with each other at every opportunity. It is a wonderful friendship that developed seamlessly.”

The noir crime drama is an action-packed and edge-filled series that blends in a lot of dark and bloody elements with a twisted sense of comedy, presenting some very grisly scenarios in a morbidly comical fashion, showcasing its tilt towards the black-comedy style.

‘Shehar Lakhot’ is streaming live on Prime Video.



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