Slovakian PM Fico is out of danger: Deputy Prime Minister Kalinak

Bratislava: Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is out of danger following an attempt on his life on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak told the news agency TASR on Sunday.

“Based on the adviser to the medical consultation this morning, we can state that the patient is currently not in a life-threatening condition,” the deputy head of the university hospital in Banska Bystrica, Milan Urbani, told journalists.

“However, his condition is still very serious, and he will need a long time and rest to recover.”

Kalinak, also the Defence Minister, said the transfer of the 59-year-old, Fico, to a hospital in the capital, Bratislava, is not possible in the near future and is therefore not planned.

“We are all convinced that his physical condition is so strong that we can expect a further recovery day by day, even if the road to recovery will take several weeks,” Kalinak said.

Fico was shot at close range after a Cabinet meeting in the small town of Handlova when he had stepped in front of a waiting crowd to shake hands.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as 71-year-old Juraj C, acted on political motives stemming from hatred for the politician and his government’s policies, according to information from the police and the government.

On Saturday, Juraj C was taken to the special criminal court in the town of Pezinok for questioning under privacy rules and strict security precautions. The court ordered that he be remanded in custody, as there is a flight risk and also a risk of further violence.

Court spokeswoman Katarina Kudjakova told dpa that the accused can appeal the decision.

Fico’s health had been improving, and he was reported to be in stable condition on Saturday, according to Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova. The Slovakian premier underwent a second operation on Friday.


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