Slowly killing us: Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath on sugar content, adulteration in food items

New Delhi: Sparking a crucial conversation about the quality and safety of the food people consume, Zerodha’s Co-founder and CEO Nithin Kamath on Tuesday said that Indians need to question what goes into the food they consume as the sugar content in most of the food and adulteration in food items such as “masalas (spices), milk and protein” is “slowly killing us”.

Sharing a news article on sugar consumption in a post on X, Kamath wrote, “We Indians need to question what goes into the food we consume. The more we ask, the better choices we will have. The sugar content in most of our food is ridiculous”.

Further in the post, the co-founder pointed out the widespread adulteration in essential food items such as masalas, milk, and protein supplements.

“Adulteration in food items like masalas, milk and protein. And then there are substandard chemicals used in food colouring and preservatives in fruits and vegetables. They are all slowly killing us. This applies to both packaged foods and food from many restaurants,” Kamath said.

Since being shared, the post has been viewed over 25K times.

Agreeing with Kamath, several users also shared their thoughts. “Absolutely right! It is very important for us to be aware of the food and beverages we consume,” a user wrote.

“Excessive consumption of anything which is white in colour is not good for health. For example: Milk, Paneer, Sugar, Salt, Maida etc. Incidentally, There is a lot of adulteration majorly in these products,” another user said.

Kamath recently suffered a mild stroke and was briefly hospitalised. He revealed about the stroke in February in a post, saying that anything from poor sleep and exhaustion to the passing away of his father could be the reason.


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