Sunny Leone puts Rushali in her place on ‘MTV Splitsvilla X5’

Mumbai: The upcoming episode of the dating reality show ‘MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please’ sees tension brewing between contestants Rushali and Arbaz as they clash over their partners. This prompts show host Sunny Leone to put Rushali in her place by saying, “Ghar jaao, woh door hain, chale jaao (Go home, it’s over there, just leave).”

The contestants assemble at the challenge site, with Sunny and Tanuj declaring that the Ideal Matches will perform and form teams with two couples each for the ‘Dare De Dil’ challenge.

The challenge tests balance and endurance, where the three ideal match guys and girls will first stand on tyres, pushing each other with sticks. The last one standing wins two points.

Lakshay and Anicka argue over team choices. Lakshay aims to keep a promise to Akriti, while revenge is the only thing on Anicka’s mind.

Sunny advises Anicka, “But here’s the deal, just a fruitful thought, what’s in your favour, what’s in it for you? Jab chance milega revenge ke liye, tab lena” (when you get the chance for revenge, take it).

An argument between Arbaz and Rushali arises when Rushali wishes to perform with Harsh and Arbaz with Nayera. This dilemma forces Sunny to intervene and put Rushali in her place.

‘MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please’ is available on MTV and JioCinema.


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