Telangana CM alleges conspiracy to end reservations in the country

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy on Thursday alleged that the BJP plans to do away with the reservation for various weaker sections in the country as per the RSS’s ideology and the party’s policy.

In his remarks at an event to release a ‘charge sheet’ against the BJP government at the Centre, brought out by the state Congress unit, he alleged that there is a conspiracy to impose RSS thinking on the country, and the RSS has set the target of doing away with the reservation in its 100th year which will be marked in 2025.

The Chief Minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks that if the BJP gets a majority, it will be easy for him to end the reservation.

Stating that there is a need for an “X-ray” of the country, he said the Congress will increase the reservation for various sections in proportion to their population. He alleged that the BJP is afraid that 27 per cent reservation for OBCs may be increased to 50 per cent.

Revanth Reddy cautioned that every vote for the BJP will help to end reservations.

Some parties, which, for the sake of politics, want the reservation to go, are backing the BJP, he said and termed the ongoing election a referendum on whether the reservation should continue or not.

He alleged that during the last 10 years, the Modi government betrayed all sections of people.

Revanth Reddy alleged that PM Narendra Modi failed to implement his promises made in the 2014 and 2019 elections to provide two crore jobs every year to unemployed youth.

“The government should have provided 20 crore jobs in these 10 years but in reply to a question I asked in Lok Sabha in 2022, the government stated that only 7.21 lakh jobs were provided,” he said.

The Chief Minister also mentioned the Prime Minister’s promise to double the income of farmers and alleged that the government brought three “black” laws to make farmers slaves to the corporates in their own fields.

Lakhs of farmers came out in protest, forcing the government to withdraw the legislation and the Prime Minister to apologise, he added.

He also recalled that PM Modi had promised to bring black money stashed in Swiss banks and transfer Rs 15 lakh to every Jan Dhan account.

“He has not given even 10 paise to 40 crore Jan Dhan account holders.”

He recalled that when Modi became the Prime Minister, the price of a cooking gas cylinder was Rs. 410 but it has now gone up to Rs 1,200. A litre of petrol was priced at Rs 65 and now stands at Rs 110. Diesel, which was Rs 50 per litre, is today at Rs 100 per litre.

He also alleged that there was loot in the name of GST, and the BJP imposed GST on ‘agarbatti’ and pencils and erasers used by children.

Revanth Reddy claimed that the debts raised by Prime Minister Modi were double the cumulative debts raised by 14 Prime Ministers before him. The debts raised by 14 Prime Ministers was Rs 54 lakh crore but PM Modi alone borrowed to the tune of Rs 113 lakh crore.

He alleged that ports, airports and highways were all sold to corporations.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, AICC in-charge Deepa Dasmunshi released the chargesheet, highlighting the “failures” of the Modi government during the last 10 years.

Dasmunshi said the INDIA alliance was formed to save democracy and the Constitution. She alleged that during the last 10 years, PM Modi failed to fulfil promises, including the promises made to Telangana. She remarked that a vote for Modi would be for “sarvanash” (disaster) and not “vikas” (development).


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