This audio journalism app to let you create personalised episodes via AI

London:  UK-based audio journalism app Curio has announced the launch of ‘Curio AI’ which will let users create personalised audio episodes based on their prompts.

“You can ask Curio AI anything and receive a personalised audio episode created from our extensive collection of handpicked, human-narrated journalism. In a world that’s becoming more divided, Curio AI will open your ears to different perspectives and encourage dialogue, not discord,” Curio co-founder Govind Balakrishnan wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Currently, in Beta, Curio AI is available to try for free on the company’s iOS app and on the web.

By just giving a prompt, the app’s AI host named ‘Rio’, will weave an audio show from the most trusted human-narrated journalism.

The company has a large catalogue of high-quality journalism licensed from partners like The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and others, according to its website.

Moreover, the company said that Curio AI curates the best content available to answer any questions users may have — whether it is about the US presidential election, food or why we should care about art.

Founded in 2016 by Indian-origin Govind Balakrishnan (ex-BBC strategist) and Srikant Chakravarti (a lawyer in London), Curio had the concept to offer a subscription-based service that provides access to a curated library of journalism translated into audio.


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