TN power loom workers welcome govt move for 250 units more of free power

Chennai: Power loom workers of Tamil Nadu are elated after the state government announced 250 units more of free power for the sector.

The state government, in an order on Saturday, increased the number of free units to power looms from 750 to 1,000 units, while for hand looms, there is an increase of free power from 200 units to 300 units.

The state government has also reduced the power tariff units above 1,000 units from Rs 1.40 to 0.70 paisa per unit.

There are 6 lakh powerlooms in Tamil Nadu of which 4 lakh function in Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Tiruppur, and Coimbatore districts.

Power loom workers of Erode, which has the largest number of power looms in the state, were angry at the government not providing the Pongal contract for Veshti and Saris before August 2022, thus, leading to a delay in production.

Workers were worried about the future of the power loom industry but the decision of the government to provide 250 more free units has left them happy.

Talking to IANS, R. Kamalakannan, a power loom owner in Erode, said: “The announcement of the state government has brought us a major relief. The industry was facing difficulties over the years and by providing more free electricity, we will be able to run the industry without much hassles.”


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