TN to support, promote sea cruises, build Chola museum

Chennai, March 20 (IANS) Promoting and supporting sea cruises to significant places connected to Tamil culture, and building a museum showcasing the artefacts of Chola empire are some of the measures announced in the FY24 Tamil Nadu budget.

Presenting the state’s budget for 2023-24, Finance Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan said the government will take efforts to promote and support sea cruises connecting places of significance in Tamil culture.

He said Tamils have conquered many lands overseas and with a view to celebrate that sea cruises will be promoted and supported.

“These cruises will showcase the rich history, literature, art, culture, handicrafts and cuisine of Tamil people and will spread the State’s glory across the seven seas,” Rajan said.

Incidentally it is the Chola Kings who had conquered overseas lands.

Rajan said the Cholas are one of the greatest dynasties and rled vast stretches of India and Southeast Asia for many centuries.

To highlight the contribution of the Cholas, and to preserve artefacts and relics of that age, a ‘Grand Chola Museum’ will be set up in Thanjavur, Rajan said.

The other measures are expanding the widely popular Chennai Sangamam cultural programme to eight major cities in the coming year, a grant of Rs.5 crore to translate his works into Tamil language, and holding International Conference on Tamil Computing to encourage development of software in Tamil language.



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