Twitter to stop forcing users onto ‘For You’ timeline

San Francisco: Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Saturday announced that the upcoming update of the micro-blogging platform will make it less mandatory for users to use the “For You” algorithmic timeline.

Musk tweeted: “Next Twitter update will remember whether you were on For You (ie recommended), Following or list you made & stop switching you back to recommended tweets.”

Several users expressed their thoughts on his post.

While one user said, “thank god because it always pushes me back to for you, which isn’t useful to me”, another commented, “thank you because the last thing I want to see is tweets from an algorithm as the default”.

On Friday, the platform announced that it has rolled out “For You” and “Following” tabs updates on Android, which it alreadyArolled out to the web interface and on iOS last week.

As reported by TechCrunch, Musk on January 8 had promised a feature that will allow users to easily bookmark tweets and now the platform is rolling it out on iOS.

The new design displays the bookmark option under the expanded tweet view which makes it easier for users to add a post to their bookmarks.

It is currently visible only on the iOS app, but it is expected to be rolled out soon on Android and the web.



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