UN resolution tabled by Russia against arms race in space fails

New York:  A UN resolution tabled by Russia against an arms race in space failed in the UN Security Council.

The draft resolution received seven votes in favour, seven countries, including the US, voted against it while Switzerland abstained.

The measure failed on Monday as it did not obtain the nine votes necessary to pass it in the powerful 15-nation council.

In view of a US resolution against nuclear weapons in space that failed last month due to Russia’s veto, US representative Robert Wood accused Moscow of manipulative tactics.

The debate at the United Nations follows US reports in February about Russia’s nuclear ambitions in space.

Several major US media outlets reported findings about Russia attempting to develop an anti-satellite nuclear weapon based in space, which could pose a threat to national and international security.

In response, the US government stated that Russia was developing military capabilities for use against satellites. However, no details were provided on the specific nature of this threat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected the accusations, saying that Russia was against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space. Moscow labelled the US draft resolution in the UN Security Council as propaganda.


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