Unemployment figures have exposed BJP govt: Goa Forward

Panaji: Goa Forward president and MLA Vijai Sardesai on Monday said figures given by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) on unemployment has exposed the state government, which now needs to bring policies benefiting local youths.

According to Sardesai, Goa’s unemployment rate stands at 13.6 per cent even after holding ‘Mega Job Fair’, while India’s rate stands at 8.1 per cent for November 2022.

He said that CMIE is an economic think tank, which comes out with figures of unemployment every month.

Speaking about the figure earlier given by NITI Aayog that more than 1 lakh youth are unemployed in Goa, Sardesai said that Chief Minister Sawant had rejected it.

“Figures can’t lie. The Chief Minister had said that NITI Aayog’s figures were wrong. Now we are the eighth highest unemployed state in India,” Sardesai said.

Criticising the BJP government, Sardesai said that PR events and displaying banners in the state will not help to resolve the issue of unemployment.

“The government needs to bring good policies. Give priority to Goans in employment. Figures are exposing the government. This has been proven,” Sardesai said.

He said that the government has failed to resolve the issue of unemployment.

Sardesai had earlier demanded to replace the Chief Minister for failing in all areas.

“I want to question BJP’s central leadership, when NITI Aayog has certified him (Sawant) as a failure, then why is he kept in that position? He should be made to step down. He should be replaced immediately for failing in all areas, because continuing him (as chief Minister) is a loss to Goa. No improvement will take place,” Sardesai had earlier said.


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