UNSC Voices Concerns Over IS Threat

United Nations:  The UN Security Council has voiced grave concerns about the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS) terror group to international peace and security.

In a press statement released on THursday after a Security Council meeting on the IS, the members of the Security Council noted with deep concern that the IS and other terrorist groups continue to exploit, both online and offline, the disruption, grievances, and development setbacks linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Xinhua news agency.

They noted with concern that the IS could regain the ability to launch or orchestrate international terrorist attacks.

They are particularly concerned over the alarming expansion of the IS in many regions, including in Africa, and acknowledged that the growing influence of the the terror group in Africa may have far-reaching implications for the peace, security and stability of the region.

The Council members underscored the need for a coherent and effective regional approach and stressed the importance of an urgent global response to support African countries and regional organisations.

They also stressed the importance of a holistic approach to counter terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism, as well as efforts to address the governance, security, human rights, humanitarian, development, and socioeconomic dimensions of the challenge.

They expressed concern over the increasing use by the IS and its financiers of information and communication technologies (ICT), including emerging technologies, such as virtual assets and other anonymous means of monetary or financial transactions.

In this regard, they underscored the importance of international cooperation, effective governance and innovative partnerships with the private sector and civil society to prevent and counter the use of ICT for terrorist purposes.

The council members urged all UN member states to fulfil their obligations to criminalise the financing of terrorism, as well as to build further the capacity of their financial oversight and regulatory systems in order to deny the IS and its financiers the space to exploit and raise funds.


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