UP govt to boost silk industry in 4 districts

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has launched an initiative to establish multi-end reeling units in districts such as Maharajganj, Basti, Saharanpur and Auraiya to provide a boost to the silk industry in the state.

The Sericulture Development Department has started the procurement process for 10 basin units within these reeling units.

The Sericulture Development Department, appointed by a contractor agency, will complete the procurement process.

The contractor agency will be required to deliver and install all these units in the designated districts within 90 days of the allocation of work.

Additionally, the applications invited by the Sericulture Department primarily prioritise companies registered with the Directorate of Industries and Enterprise Promotion and the National Small Industries Corporation to fulfil this task.

In a multi-end reeling unit, various machinery components are included under the base units.

At present, the Sericulture Department is in the process of procuring a total of 10 basin units. These basin units will be equipped with a 50 kg capacity hot air dryer, a cocoon sorting table, two pan tables for the brushing process, circular pressurised cocoon cooking, and vacuum pre-emission pre-treatment equipment.

Additionally, each basin multi-end reeling machine (10 ends per basin), the window closed time re-reeling machine (five ends per window), the small reel permeation centre, and an electronic balance with a 600-gm capacity and 0.01-gm sensitivity will also be included.

It will also be equipped with a 7.5 KVA capacity generator, a 100 kg steam output per hour capacity IBR quality boiler, and a 100 kg resin capacity water softener.

Through all these components, essential cocoon extraction, processing, and reeling processes for silk production can be completed.

The procurement, installation, and operation process for multi-end reeling units in Maharajganj, Basti, Saharanpur, and Auraiya has been allocated a validity period of 180 days.

The contractor agency must deliver and install all these units within a working period of 90 days after the assignment.

Priority is being given to companies registered with the Directorate of Industries and Enterprise Promotion, and the National Small Industries Corporation to complete this process as contractors. They are also being granted concessions in the earnest money deposit.


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