VR Video, Touchscreen and Interactive 3D Projection Enhances Tourist Experience at Odisha State Tribal Museum

Bhubaneswar: Unique lifestyle, rich & diverse culture & unparalleled tradition of the tribes of the region have given Odisha a distinct identity. The ‘Odisha State Tribal Museum’ in Bhubaneswar showcases the same under one roof. Especially, by introducing modern technology like VR & Interactive 3D Projection, the museum enhances the experience of the visitors.

Recognized by UNESCO as India’s first tribal museum, the ‘Odisha State Tribal Museum’ is located in a scenic green environment in the campus of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute (SCSTRTI) near CRPF Square, Bhubaneswar.

Built under the ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department, Government of Odisha, the facility is a living reflection of the lifestyle, art & culture and traditions of the 62 tribes who reside in the state. It includes 13 ‘Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups’ or PVTGs.

“Odisha State Tribal Museum is a distinct institution in India which preserves the life and culture of Odisha tribal communities. It offers the tourists, students, researchers and local visitors an opportunity to closely experience the rich & diverse tribal heritage of our state”, informs Indramani Tripathy, Director of SCSRTI and ST & SC Development Department, Government of Odisha.

There are 5 exhibition halls in the main building of the museum displaying a wide range of tribal art & artifacts and other items. Visitors get a close glance of tribal costumes, ornaments & jewellery, textiles, paintings, hunting and fishing implements, weapons for offence and defense, household objects and agricultural implements along with dance and musical instruments.

“The museum has a special gallery to showcase the lifestyle and culture of the 13 ‘Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups’ of Odisha which is named as PVTG Gallery. Here the lifelike replica of the tribes along with their typical houses and lifestyle is presented vividly. On the whole, this museum has become an attraction for tourists & people from different walks of life. Moreover the facility engages students along with researchers and academicians for their interest in tribal studies,” says Roopa Roshan Sahoo, Commissioner-Cum-Secretary of the Department.

Odisha State Tribal Museum, Bhubaneswar is one amidst India’s leading museums using modern technology to display the tribal culture. Here, each exhibition room and special PVTG gallery have touchscreen kiosks where visitors can watch various videos related to the tribes curated in 3 different languages Odia, Hindi and English.

The museum enables a unique experience to every visitor using VR technology. One can watch the 360 degree videos portraying the life and activities of various tribal communities. Similarly the interactive 3D projection elevates the user experience to a whole new level. Additionally, the mini-theatre offers informative videos showcasing tribal life, culture, festivals and the tales of valor shown by the tribal revolutionaries & freedom fighters of the region.

The Sacred Arena makes every tribal distinct from the others which is aptly showcased at the Odisha State Tribal Museum. In addition, the models of traditional huts of 7 tribal communities like Kandha, Juang, Santal, Gond, Lanjia Saora, Chuktia Bhunjia and Gadaba attracts tourists of all ages. The visitors get the essence and feel of tribal villages by visiting the museum complex.

The SCSTRTI library, a unique learning centre is having over 20 thousand books, most of them representing tribal life, culture & history. Further, the souvenir shop, herbal garden & food court in the campus adds to the visitor experience.

The museum is open 6 days a week from 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM. It is closed for tourists on Mondays.

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