‘Was not well’: Karnataka BJP MLA Hebbar on absence during voting in RS elections

Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP MLA Shivaram Hebbar, who abstained from voting in the Rajya Sabha election here on Tuesday, on Wednesday maintained that he was sick and hence, he could not come to the legislature.

Addressing reporters here, the MLA said that on Tuesday morning, his health condition was not good, and as per the advice of the doctor, he could reach the house only at 6 p.m.

“I was unhappy, I could have indulged in cross-voting, I have not done it.

“I have been in politics for four decades. I don’t fear anyone while voting. I could have gone to vote and I could have voted for any one. But, I have not done it. I have not issued a warning to anyone. I have some issues which are limited to my district,” he said.

The MLA said that there was no issue or reservation with state or national leadership and “the problem is with the district-level leaders”.

“Time will answer who is trying to prevent my growth,” he maintained.

The BJP suffered a setback as MLA Hebbar abstained from voting and another BJP MLA S.T. Somashekar cross voted for Congress candidate. The BJP has announced that stringent legal action will be initiated against them.

The election was held for four Rajya Sabha seats, and three candidates from the Congress and one from the BJP were declared elected.


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