Wetlands in UP district to be developed for Sarus consevartion

Bijnor:  Wetlands in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor district will soon be cleaned and developed to attract more cranes and the area will unfold a conservation plan for the birds.

According to the forest department officials, there are 117 Sarus cranes in the district which are spotted in more than 50 large wetland areas.

The programme is scheduled to start in July this year and will be undertaken at a cost of Rs 1.56 crore.

In addition to modifying the wetlands, the forest department will create awareness of the importance of the bird and sensitise people on their conservation.

Officials at the forest department said that poachers steal the bird’s eggs, which is unfortunate as it reduces their population.

Gyan Singh, sub-divisional forest officer, said: “The crane is a beautiful state bird. It is about four feet in height, and its feet and neck are considerably long. The bird lays eggs at the end of the summer season and beginning of rainy season. It eats insects that are harmful to agricultural crops, which is why cranes are called farmers’ friends.

“I have instructed my staff to keep a vigil on the places where cranes live. If anyone is found hurting them or damaging their habitats, stern action will be taken.

“As per a census carried out last year, there are over 17,000 cranes in Uttar Pradesh. Of them, the highest number of cranes are found in districts Etawah (3,293), and Mainpuri (2,737).”


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