Berhampur Police Use Drone to Keep Hawk’s Eye on People to Enforce Lockdown

Berhampur: The Berhampur Police are increasingly using drones or the camera-mounted unmanned aerial vehicles to keep a hawk’s eye on people to ensure strict enforcement of the lockdown in the city.


The police have deployed drones across the city to keep a close watch on people’s movement during the lockdown.

The drones are helping immensely the Berhampur Police in enforcing the COVID-19 in an effective manner.

“In our bid to ensure that people ‘Stay- at-Home and Stay- Safe’, we have deployed drone cameras monitoring the public spaces in this fight against coronavirus”, told Superintendent of Police, Berhampur Pinak Mishra.

Keeping an eye on the lanes and by lanes of Berhampur has been made easier by drone patrolling, the SP said.

It is interesting to see that technology is acting as force multiplier in our fight against Corona, he added.

Using the drones, which can record videos while hovering above, police arrested at least 283 persons for violating the lockdown orders and seized more than 3000 vehicles across city since April 1.

Drones provide the police a bird’s eye view of who is defying the lockdown in the narrow alleys and lanes where a PCR van cannot go in.

Drones are also proving effective in creating fear among people, as they have now realised that they are no longer assemble and hide on their terraces or in remote corners of their localities, said an official.