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Renukaswamy murder case: K’taka Police arrest all 17 accused

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Police have arrested all 17 accused in the Renukaswamy murder case involving Kannada superstar Darshan.

Raju alias Dhanraj, the ninth accused in the case who disappeared after the murder, has been arrested, said DCP (West) S. Girish on Monday.

The police had arrested 13 accused, including superstar Darshan, a day after the murder of his 33-year-old fan came to light.

Police sources said that accused Raju, also known as Dhanraj, had told the police that he had no direct connection with Darshan. Raju is a friend of the fifth accused, Nandish, who is an ardent fan of Darshan.

Nandish had obtained the electric device from Raju to allegedly administer an electric shock to fan Renukaswamy, who later died.

Both Raju and Nandish were in the cable business. Renukaswamy was given electric shocks through an electrical test equipment called a megger, used to measure insulation resistance.

Meanwhile, prominent Veerashaiva-Lingayat pontiff Rambhapuri Swamiji visited the residence of the deceased Renukaswamy and consoled the family members.

“The murder of Renukaswamy is inhuman. No matter which party is in power, they should take harsh measures. The wife of the deceased should be given a government job. The brutal murder has made society bow its head in shame,” the pontiff stated.