Senior BJD Leader Kartik Pandian Campaigns in Jaleswar, Takes a Swipe at Balasore MP   | News Room Odisha

Senior BJD Leader Kartik Pandian Campaigns in Jaleswar, Takes a Swipe at Balasore MP  

Jaleswar: Senior BJD leader Kartik Pandian on Tuesday came down heavily on Balasore MP without taking his name while campaigning in Jaleswar.

Addressing a massive public meeting, the senior BJD leader asked, “You had elected an MP from here. Has he done anything for you? Did the MP cooperate in the transformation works of schools, temples, masjids, churches, etc.?

Despite the man of this land, he forgot this land. He became a minister but did not do a single thing for his region, the BJD leader slammed.

The opposition leaders are losing their sleeps after seeing the huge gathering of people in Jaleswar, Kartik Pandian.

The BJD star campaigner has showered his praises on Jaleswar MLA candidate Ashwini Patra.

Ashwini Babu is an ideal peoples’ representative. He has worked hard for the development of Jaleswar. He works day and night to carry out developmental projects in the region, Pandian said.

A bridge has been built at Charmara on the Subarnarekha river at a cost of Rs.125 crores, Stone packing has been done on the river. For all these works, Ashwini Babu works quietly and peacefully, Pandian said.

He further said the BJD MP candidate Lekhasri Samantsinghar will work day and night for this soil if she is elected to the Parliament.

Everyone in Odisha knows that Naveen Patnaik will take oath as Chief Minister again on June 9. The electricity bills will be waived with the first order of the Chief Minister after taking oath. Everyone will be included in the BSKY in the second order of the CM. In the third order, the Mission Shakti members will get pension after the age of 60 years. In the fourth order, the amount of new scholarship will be increased. Girls will get Rs 14,000 and boys to receive Rs 12,000, Kartik Pandian reiterated.