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Thenewsroom.co.in premier news and information site from Odisha, a province in India  providing visitors with breaking news, sports, money, life, weather, technology and travel news — all updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thenewsroom.co.in allows readers to participate in the State/Nation’s conversation. Readers can comment on stories, recommend stories to friends, interact with newsroom staff, and talk with other Thenewsroom.co.in readers.

Visitors experience comprehensive, convenient news and information from Thenewsroom.co.in through interactive features, infographics, and multi-media functions including audio, video, blogs, podcasts and live Webcasts.

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Our Mission

We inform people who want to understand the world by directing attention to what matters — without fear or favor. We are the most powerful engine for independent, boots-on-the-ground, deeply reported journalism, and setting the standard for the most ambitious and innovative storytelling. Together, we make our journalism more insightful, meaningful and essential to the daily lives of the global community we serve.

Editorial Policy

The Newsroom.co.in  is as dynamic as the news itself: colorful, people-centered, riveting. We give viewers news they can use — how, when, and where they want it — breaking down complex issues with visual storytelling and a uniquely personal focus. The editorial Board is strictly against the plagarism and editorial team take strict action againsty the journalist who resort to such act. The Editorial Board is also believes in providing unbiased news and information to the readers.


Our employees are dedicated people at all stages of their careers who bring different perspectives and practices to the table. Let’s meet some of them.

Bhagaban Sahu – Editor

S Sangeeta– Deputy Editor

M Bharati – Assistant  Editor

Rakesh Rath – Reporter

Stringers in Each District