Afghan central bank to inject $15 million to stabilise local currency

Kabul: Afghanistan’s central bank announced in a statement that it will inject $15 million on Monday into the local market to boost the national currency afghani.

“The bidders including moneychangers and private banks should deposit the necessary money in cash in the form of afghani in the central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank,” the statement added, reports Xinhua news agency.

According to the statement, the bank was requesting all eligible banks, foreign exchanges and monetary service providers to participate in the auction.

The bank also auctioned $15 million last week.

Afghanistan’s central bank has injected millions of dollars into the money exchange market over the past two and half years, aiming at preventing the devaluation of the afghani.

The Afghan caretaker government, since assuming power in August 2021, has taken a series of measures to maintain the stability of the afghani against foreign currencies.


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