Allocations to Indian Market Increase in September

New Delhi: The month of September saw listed funds inflows of $362 mn, dominated by ETF inflows of S$295 mn into India, Kotak Institutional Equities said in a report.

India-dedicated funds saw inflows of $172 mn led by non-ETF inflows of S$167 mn, while GEM funds saw inflows of S$118 mn led by S$251 mn of ETF inflows which was offset by S$133 mn of non-ETF outflows.

As per the report, listed emerging market fund flows were mixed for all countries. China witnessed $10.8 bn of inflows, followed by Brazil and India, which saw $587 mn and $362 mn of inflows.

Taiwan and Thailand saw outflows of $516 mn and $207 mn. Total FPI activity and EPFR activity showed similar trends for India and Taiwan.

Allocations to China and India constitute 47 per cent of the average Asia ex-Japan fund portfolio. Allocations to India by Asia ex-Japan funds increased to 16.3 per cent in September from 15.9 per cent in August while allocations to India by GEM funds increased to 13.1 per cent in September from 12.5 per cent in August.

Allocations by Asia ex-Japan non-ETFs to India increased to 17.1 per cent in September from 16.7 per cent in August, while allocations to India by GEM non-ETFs increased to 12.6 per cent from 12.2 per cent in August.


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