Anurag Kashyap got palpitations before shooting for throat-slitting scene in ‘Bad Cop’

Mumbai: Director-actor Anurag Kashyap, who is receiving a lot of positive responses for his work in the recently released streaming series ‘Bad Cop’, had a tough time shooting a gory scene in the show.

Scenes involving violence are often challenging and require a lot of courage to shoot, both for the actors and the crew. One might assume that Anurag Kashyap, who is known for his graphic violence scenes in films, would handle it easily. However, the truth is far from this.

The show’s director, Aditya Datt, said: “During one of the intense scenes, when I was telling Kashyap to cut the throat, he just could not. I was trying to tell him that he has shot this so many times, like there’s been major gore in his films than any other movies, but he kept saying, shooting is a different thing, but doing it is a different thing.”

Aditya further elaborated, “He used to get palpitations before doing it, and I should sit him down and tell him that’s a, and I went with the presumption he’ll do it so easy because he’s done it so much in the, be it Raman Raghav or the Gangs of Wasseypur or any of the movies that he’s made, which is hardcore into the gangland, killing each other, shooting, cutting everything. But when you actually put a knife in Anurag’s hand and say, act it out and cut this guy’s throat or cut a thing, he kind of does get vulnerable on set.”

‘Bad Cop’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


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