Army motorcycle display team ASC Tornadoes sets three records

Bengaluru,: Motorcycle display team ‘Tornadoes’ of the Army Service Corps (ASC) on Sunday successfully broke three records on a single day.

On the occasion of 262 ASC Corps Day, ASC Tornadoes team captain Abhijeet Singh Grewal created a world record of covering 114 km in 3 hours and 29 minutes for longest continuous ride standing on the seat of a motorcycle, breaking the record of 41.8 km held by Hardan al Delaimi of Iraq, and the 75.2 km record held by Army Signals motorcycle team, Daredevils.

Havildar Harikesh Yadav created a new record of 356 km in 9 hours and 17 minutes for the longest motorcycle ride while sitting on the tail light, breaking the earlier record of 111 km held by Army Signals team, Daredevils.

Havildar Manish created a new record of the longest wheelie on a Royal Enfield 350 cc, covering a distance of 2.4 km.

The attempts were conducted as per the guidelines of certifying agencies such as Guinness World Records, Limca Book of Records, and the International Book of Records.

The feats were attempted on Sunday morning at the ASC Centre (South) in Bengaluru, and Nice Road, Bengaluru, defence officials stated.


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