Art & Cultural Pop Up

In addition to a Murakami room, an Infinity room, a Chrome room, a basket ball court, and a 360-degree revolving bar, there is an exclusive immersive platform.

Set to launch its 4th edition in Delhi on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, December 2022, says Abhishek Gandhi, “Delhi is the ultimate hub for a concoction of development and fun. Delhi is a market where multiple events happen but we’re trying to provide an experience that stands out. We chose to have our fourth edition of All You Can Street in Delhi because we recognise that the people would love to experience something they haven’t before and that’s what AYCS does best. The one thing we try to bring to a city where AYCS has never happened before is to introduce its people to a part of the culture that they may have not encountered before. We can’t wait for Delhi to see what we have in store, for three whole days!”

Co-founder Yash Shetty says, “Delhi is a fast paced, new age city with startups, flamboyant minds and most importantly people that recognise the worth of the brands we bring to the table. We noticed that the engagement of the audience with the experience we provide would be really high here given the nature and understanding of the people. We chose Delhi because we believe that the people here contribute to the culture in a lot of different ways but haven’t experienced AYCS before.”

10,000+ people visited the AYCS June edition in Mumbai to shop and take advantage of the tailored experience offered by more than 50 brands under one roof. Celebrities, influencers, and well-known rap artists from the world of Bollywood attended the event, which brought in at least 1.5 crores in income in only one day.


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