Art Of Motorcycling

New Delhi: Royal Enfield is the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in operation. Conceptualised to foster creativity among artists, creators and motorcycling lovers, the third season of its iconic advertising campaign Art of Motorcycling allows the community an opportunity to show their love for art and ‘the riding way of life’.

With the Art on Street programme, the company will elevate community-produced art to a completely new level for the first time as part of Art Of Motorcycling. In addition to occupying prominent art districts in Mumbai (Mahim (E) Art District), Chennai (Kannagi Art District), and Delhi (Lodhi Art District), the mural art will incorporate a groundbreaking Augmented Reality-powered show for the general public to view. As a follow-up to this programme, various art pieces in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will feature designs by participants from Seasons 1 and 2.

“The Royal Enfield rider community has always been known for its incredible creative energy, which finds expression both on and off their motorcycles – their canvases range from custom projects, photography, film, and music to name a few. We are constantly looking for ways to enable these journeys of creative exploration and self expression via platforms that push the boundaries of possibility. The Art of Motorcycling is one of the foremost examples of this phenomenon. It mixes artists, designers and motorcycling enthusiasts together on a single platform – and the results are always mind-blowing. The response to the last two seasons has been excellent, and with season 3 we are super excited to see what emerges next from this inspiring creative movement,” said Mr Mohit Dhar Jayal, Chief Brand Officer at Royal Enfield.

For Season 3, the jury comprises of leading artist and designer – Hanif Kureshi, whose work in street art and typography has grabbed the attention of art lovers; Santanu Hazarika, a multidisciplinary autodidact visual artist who has been displaying and curating art across the world; and design stalwart, sculptor and Head of Industrial Design at Royal Enfield, S. Sivakumar. This year ArtOfMotorcycling will foray into leading design colleges across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai wherein the jury will have interactive sessions for aspiring artists and designers.

Winners of season 3 will get the opportunity to win a myriad of rewards and showcase their work to a larger audience. The top five winners will be awarded 1.5L rupees each, and their designs will be featured on Royal Enfield’s merchandise and converted into NFTs. Two of the top five creators will get the opportunity to intern with the Royal Enfield’s design team and the next 15 winners from this season will have their designs featured on ‘Make It Yours’ – Royal Enfield’s personalisation and customisation platform.

To participate, prospective artists can head over to the #ArtOfMotorcyling section on Royal Enfield’s website to register and download the toolkit. Participants can then create their own unique design and share it on Instagram, tagging @royalenfield and @royalenfieldlifestyle and using #ArtOfMotorcycling#REApparel. The last date to participate is April 10, and the winners will be announced on April 17.


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