Ayushi, Neetha & Aditi open up on their sisterhood bond in ‘Aangan’

Mumbai: The lead actresses of the upcoming show ‘Aangan – Aapno Kaa’– Ayushi Khurana, Neetha Shetty and Aditi Rathore have shared that the audience will witness a narrative that not only embraces uniqueness, but also celebrates the enduring strength of sisterhood, and indomitable commitment towards parents.

‘Aangan – Aapno Kaa’ is a captivating tale that not only celebrates the unconditional bond between a father and his daughters but also unveils the diverse perspectives of the Sharma sisters on life and marriage.

Ayushi, who essays the role of the youngest daughter Pallavi Sharma, Aditi as the obedient daughter Tanvi Sharma, and Neetha as the eldest daughter Deepika Sharma, each bring a distinct flavour to the narrative with their characters.

Ayushi said: “For Pallavi, her father and sisters are the core of her world. Witnessing her sisters’ priorities shift dramatically after marriage, she questions the necessity of such a change. Pallavi’s perspective on marriage is not wrong, it’s just unique and also resonates with many young girls who have parents to look after, including myself.”

Neetha shared: “Deepika is a modern woman who defies stereotypes. She is an ode to women who give their all to work while perfectly managing their homes. Juggling the responsibilities of supporting her husband, finding time for her sisters, and flourishing as an air hostess, she is the epitome of a multifaceted, empowered woman.”

Aditi added: “Tanvi isn’t like her outspoken and bold sisters. Firmly rooted in traditional gender roles, she prioritises her role as a wife and mother and is content being a dedicated housewife. Her journey mirrors the experiences of many women navigating the delicate balance between traditional expectations and personal fulfilment.”

Pallavi, the youngest Sharma sister, has a unique take on marriage, questioning why women have to change their priorities after tying the knot and leave their parents behind, while the eldest sister, Deepika stands as a symbol of strength, embodying the perfect balance between home, responsibilities, and a flourishing career.

On the other hand, Tanvi in her role as the obedient daughter, wife, and daughter-in-law, brings a different dynamic to the trio.

But despite their differences, the Sharma sisters’ bond stays resilient, portraying the essence of familial bonds in a modern context. The show delves into the individual journeys of these sisters, offering a nuanced understanding of marriage, family, and societal expectations.

It will air on Sony SAB from December 11.


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