Berhampur: Marble Shop Owner Assaulted, Police Arrests Attacker

Berhampur: A marble shop owner from Berhampur was assaulted by a customer. The Berhampur Police arrested the attacker, who has been identified as Hussain Ghulam of Bhawanipatna.

Md Khurshid, a resident of Nilakantha Nagar, is the owner of Decent Marble shop situated at Gosaninuagaon Main road near KCM Medicine store here.

As per police, accused Hussain Ghulam had given an advance of Rs 4,00,000 in the second week of March to purchase marble from Mahamad Khursid.

Khursid kept the marble and tiles worth of Rs 15,00,000 ready for delivery. Hussain Ghulam asked Khursid to hand over the marble on credit and that he will pay the rest Rs 11,00,000 after few months. But the shop owner did not agree for which Hussain Ghulam cancelled the order over telephone on 01.04.2022 and asked him to refund the advance amount. Accordingly the shop owner refunded an amount of Rs 2,00,000 through NEFT on 11.04.2022 and on 23.04.2022 evening he physically handed over cash of Rs 50,000 to the accused. Rest amount was pending with Khursid, the police said.

On evening of June 10, the accused along with 5 to 6 others wrongfully restrained Khursid while he was coming to the marble shop. They abused him in slang language, assaulted him, and brought him near his shop. Hussain Ghulam, and others forcibly abducted Khursid to the car of the accused by showing mouser. They took him towards Bhawanipatna. On the way at Taptapani Ghat road all of them assaulted him brutally and threatened him to kill. Due to the assault there is fracture injury on his hand. He escaped from the custody of the accused person and after treatment in the hospital, reported the matter at Police Station.

During investigation Hussain was arrested on Tuesday at 2.10 PM from Bhawanipatna, the police said.

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