Bihar BJP chief alleges JD-U leader lodging FIR against him was held in liquor case

Patna: A JD-U leader, who registered an FIR against Bihar BJP President Samrat Choudhary, was already arrested in connection with a case of liquor consumption in Patna eight months ago.

Choudhary has alleged that the JD(U) leader Amit Madhav who registered an FIR against him and Opposition Leader Vijay Kumar Sinha was booked in case number 840/22 in the Kankarbagh police station.

The Kankarbagh police headed by Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Arvind Kumar arrested six persons on September 7, 2022, and lodged an FIR (number 840/22) against them. One of the accused was Amit Madhav, the son of Manish Madhav. The accused were consuming liquor in house number J-36 PC Colony. Accordingly, the raid was conducted there and they were arrested.

“The person who is levelling allegations was already booked under the Liquor Prohibition Act. What is his authenticity? How he would become an in-charge of a mutton-rice party. Can Lalan Singh (JD-U National President) answer it,” State BJP President said.

In the FIR, it was mentioned that a Blenders Pride bottle, some soda bottles and snacks were recovered from the house.

Madhav was booked under the Liquor Prohibition Act at that time, Choudhary alleged.

Madhav was said to be the manager of a mutton-rice party held on May 14 in Munger. After the party, Choudhary alleged that liquor was served to people along with mutton and rice.

Following the State BJP Chief’s allegation, Opposition Leader Sinha claimed that all dogs had disappeared from Munger after the mutton-rice party organised by local MP and JD-U National President Lalan Singh.

However, Choudhary has failed to produce evidences about the liquor served in the mutton-rice party by the JD-U National President.

Madhav has registered an FIR against BJP leaders, Choudhary and Sinha, in the Kotwali police station at Patna on May 17.

“I was sitting in the Patna JD-U office when I saw the interviews of Samrat Choudhary and Vijay Sinha. Samrat Choudhary was levelling allegations that liquor was served in the mutton-rice party held on May 14. Vijay Sinha alleged that dogs disappeared from Munger. These are “false and dangerous allegations”. They have tried to malign the image of our (JD-U) leader Lalan Singh,” Madhav alleged.

Besides Madhav, Munger District President of JD-U Nachiketa Mandal has also served legal notice to Choudhary for levelling allegations against Lalan Singh’s liquor party.

Mandal has asked the State BJP Chief to reply to the legal notice within 15 days.



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