Canada bizman claims Narendra Tomar’s son spoke to him on cash deals

Bhopal: A video related to Devendra Singh Tomar, the son of Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar, discussing transactions worth huge amounts of money with a person surfaced in poll-bound Mdhaya Pradesh on Tuesday, triggering a fresh political controversy in the state with elections just three days away.

The video came to the fore on Tuesday, and the person in the said clip claimed that the last two videos that had surfaced on social media were genuine and were related to the transaction of money discussed with Devendra Tomar.

The person identified himself as Jagmandeep Singh, a businessman who claimed to be living in Canada.

“The video that went viral on social media a few days back is related to Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s son Devendra Singh Tomar, and the person on the phone call from the other end is me,” Singh claimed in the clip that went viral on Tuesday.

Singh claimed that he met Devendra Tomar at Narendra Tomar’s official bungalow in Delhi during the lockdown period in March 2020, and they became friends since then.

“During the lockdown in March 2020, I was in Delhi when I met Devendra Tomar at his father’s official bungalow. I do cannabis farming in Canada and Devendra Tomar said he is also interested in the same,” he claimed.

The new video went viral on social media a day after the second clip purportedly showing Devendra Tomar discussing cash deals surfaced on Monday.

The opposition Congress has shared that videos on its social media accounts, and has also held a press conference on this issue.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said during the presser in Bhopal, “The BJP termed Narendra Singh Tomar’s son’s video as fake without investigation. Now another video has surfaced in which a man is saying that the Tomar family has rigged not Rs 500 crore, but Rs 10,000 crore. It also wants to invest money in ganja cultivation.”

Narendra Singh Tomar is BJP’s election convener for Madhya Pradesh, who is also contesting the November 17 Assembly elections from his home town Dhimni Morena district.


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