Cancer screenings at all health centres in UP soon

Lucknow: Cancer screening will now be available at all health and wellness centres across Uttar Pradesh.

Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak said on Sunday that cancer screening will soon be offered at all health centres.

He said timely screening, examination, and treatment can significantly help in dealing with the disease.

Three types of cancer screening will be conducted at these health and wellness centres. This includes breast cancer, oral cancer, and cervical cancer.

Doctors will conduct screenings based on symptoms. Patients with suspected cancer will be referred to specialized centres.

Pathak said people experiencing symptoms such as mouth sores, white patches, or wounds should seek advice from a doctor. Screening for cervical cancer can be done in cases of excessive bleeding.

He emphasized that 40-50 per cent of cancers are caused by tobacco and cigarette consumption.

Quitting tobacco can significantly reduce cancer risk.


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