Chhattisgarh Shocker: Students suffer burns as teachers force them to pour hot oil on each other’s palms

Raipur: In a shocking incident, few students of a government school in Chhattisgarh suffered burn injuries on their palms after they were reportedly forced to pour hot oil on each other’s palms as an act punishment.

The incident was reported from a school in the tribal-dominated area of Bastar region. While some reports said at least 25 students suffered burn injuries, the District Education Officer put the figures at five.

After lunchtime on Friday, a few teachers found that someone had relieved himself outside the toilet in the school premises. When they questioned the students, the latter couldn’t speak out of fear.

This made the teachers furious and they decided to punish the children in their own way. The students were asked to stand in a queue, while the class monitors were directed to pour hot oil on the palm of their classmates.

The parents, however, have alleged that the teachers compelled the students to pour hot oil — collected from the mid-day meal kitchen — on each other’s palms.

As per reports, there were more than 70 students present during the incident.

Meanwhile, Kondagaon District Education Officer Madhulika Tiwari said that blisters were formed on the palms of five students. Claiming that the school monitors committed the act, and the oil used was ‘not that hot’, she also denied reports that 25 students sustained burn injuries in the incident.

“Since the incident took place during school hours, the teachers are responsible for it. Therefore, we have suspended three teachers – Johri Markam, Mitali Verma and Poonam Thakur. An inquiry has been ordered and action will be taken on the basis of the report received from the investigating team,” she added.



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