China’s public security ministry directs local rescue after dike breach

Beijing: China’s Ministry of Public Security has directed the public security authorities in central China’s Hunan Province to take swift action to carry out rescue and relief work after a dike breach in Dongting Lake in the province that occurred Friday afternoon, the ministry said on Saturday.

Public security authorities in Hunan were asked to work in collaboration with relevant departments to carry out disaster relief and rescue work, relocate affected residents, manage traffic and maintain order, ensuring the overall stability of society and the safety of people’s lives and property.

A batch of flood prevention equipment and supplies was urgently dispatched to the front line, according to the ministry, reported Xinhua news agency.

The ministry demanded all-out efforts to search for affected residents, ensure their relocation and provide them with adequate living supplies.

After the dike breach, public security authorities in Hunan promptly deployed police to the affected area to engage in disaster relief work and reinforced security patrols in important locations such as settlement sites and storage places for rescue supplies.

The dike breach that occurred in the Dongting Lake was initially about 10 meters wide but expanded afterwards. The affected area near Tuanbei Village covers approximately 50 square km. This area experienced a dike breach in 1996.

Since June 16, Hunan has seen its heaviest rainfall of the year, breaking historical records in some regions.


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