Chris Martin, Lizzo joke about ‘Yellow’ being her ‘hook up song’

Los Angeles: Singer Lizzo and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin got on a video call and the two discussed the track ‘Yellow’ from the band being her ‘hook up’ song.

Lizzo talked to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, and was thrilled when their chat was interrupted by a surprise FaceTime call from Martin himself, reports ‘People’.

Prior to Martin’s appearance, Lizzo and Lowe had been talking about how Lizzo’s new album Special includes a track called “Coldplay” that samples the band’s breakthrough 2000 hit ‘Yellow’.

“This is one of the most literal songs I’ve ever written. Everything I say in the song actually happened,” she said, explaining that producer Ricky Reed had her sit in the studio and talk over a piano loop.

“I sat in the booth and was like, ‘So yeah, I remember when we went to Tulum, we pretended we was married.’ I talked for like 25, 30 minutes on that loop. And then I felt really raw and sensitive about ita[but] he came back to me and was like, ‘Hey, all those words you wrote, I kind of turned it into a song.'”

At that point, Martin made a video call and heaped praise on Lizzo, telling the star that it’s been ‘wonderful’ to watch her ‘taking over’ in the music world.

She then thanked him for giving his blessing to sample ‘Yellow’ on Coldplay and explained the origins of how the song came to be.

“I was with somebody and I was just looking at the stars and I was with him and I was singing it and tears just were coming to my eyes,” she recalled.

“You have such an incredible ability to move people with the poetry of your lyricism. So thank you so, so much. It’s so real.”

In response, Martin asked how Lizzo’s ‘guy friend’ reacted to her serenade and when the singer bashfully said that he enjoyed it, Martin joked about how his decades-old hit has found new life as Lizzo’s ‘hookup song.’

“If someone had told me 22 years ago, you know, one day Lizzo’s gonna make out to this song sped up, I’d be like, OK, great,” he said.

“It’s become Lizzo’s hookup song. That’s good.”

“Baby-making music, baby!” she added.


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