Comfort has taken precedence over glamour: Janhvi Kapoor

The Fashion Tour enters the Metaverse in its innovative new avatar, making an industry-first move to create a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and technology that youthful audiences will never have seen before.

IANSlife peaks to youth icon and actor Janhvi Kapoor about her association with the fashion property

What synergies are common between you and the event and why do you think you are perfect for fit for the fashion Tour?

Janhvi: I mean that’s a question that you should ask the people that have chosen me to walk the ramp but I think that I’ve always looked up to what Blenders Pride does with all of their shows and all of their tours, because they are such a symbol of fashion, the tour has travelled the country over the last fifteen years. I think that the shows on are synonymous with encouraging designers to push themselves not only visually but also in incorporating new textiles and fabrics that are sustainable.

Your one fashion go to for any occasion?

Janhvi: One fashion go to is I think in less is more.

Are your stylists dream or a nightmare?

Janhvi: I think, I am a dream.

When it comes to airport looks millennials like yourself are changing the rules, swapping formals for ease, do you agree?

Janhvi: I agree because I think comfort has taken precedence over glamour and I think comfort is glamorous because you feel your most confident when you’re most comfortable.

What do you like to travel in?

Janhvi: All comfortable clothes like a cotton salwar-suit.

Which character played by you so fat do you connect with the most?

Janhvi: I don’t think any of the characters I have played are close to my personality.

What is a sustainability according to you?

Janhvi: Sustainability to me is beautiful, I think it’s the fashion statement for the tomorrow.


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