Commissionerate Police to Introduce Cooling Helmets for Traffic Constables 

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police is now planning to procure Air Conditioned (AC) helmets for the traffic constables in order to protect them from the heat wave conditions.

The Commissionerate Police has conducted a trial run of the AC helmets on an experimental basis in Bhubaneswar, as per reports.

Taking a cue from Gujarat Police, the Commissionerate Police is now considering to introduce cooling helmets for traffic personnel who have to stand for long hours under the scorching sun.

The helmet can cool down the body temperature by almost 15 degrees. It can work for 8 hours after full charge of 6 hours. It also has a goggle made of a hard plastic shield which protects the eyes of policemen from sunlight.

The AC helmets will ensure protection from the heat wave and enable the Traffic Police perform their duties without the physical discomfort of standing for long hours amid the unrelenting heat, the police said.

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