Congress congratulates agencies engaged in rescue ops at Silkyara tunnel

New Delhi: Moments after several trapped workers were rescued from the Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said that it’s a matter of great relief and joy while congratulating the team engaged in the rescue operation.

He also urged the government to provide prompt health benefits and appropriate compensation to the workers and demanded for safety audit of all under construction projects should be conducted.

“It is a matter of great relief and joy for all of us that the workers trapped in the under construction tunnel in Silkyara, Uttarkashi for the last 17 days were taken out of the tunnel safely today,” Congress President wrote on X.

He said that due to the prayers of 140 crore Indians and the long running operation of all the agencies including NDMA, the rescue operation was finally successful.

“Request the government to provide prompt health benefits and appropriate compensation to the worker brothers. Safety audit of all those under construction projects should be conducted so that such situation does not arise again,” Kharge said.

His remarks came after several of the trapped workers were safely pulled out of the collpased tunnel.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh applauded the dedication of entire rescue team for the rescue operation and said, “After a harrowing 17 days the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand are being evacuated.

“The entire country salutes the remarkable resilience and fortitude of the workers themselves. The nation also applauds the dedication, skill and perseverance of the entire rescue team and thanks them wholeheartedly,” Ramesh added.

Rat-hole mining was started on Monday evening as rescue efforts to reach the 41 workers trapped inside the Silkyara tunnel entered its 16th day.

Relief and rescue work, which entered the 16th day, is being carried out by scientists, international experts, NDRF, SDRF, BRO on a war footing.

On November 12, an under-construction tunnel collapsed in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi leaving 41 workers trapped.


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