Darshan enjoys creating indie music as he feels connected to it

New Delhi:  Singer Darshan Raval, who has belted out hits such as ‘Chogada’, ‘Tere Naal’ and ‘Aa Jaana’, enjoys creating independent music as he says he is more connected to the numbers.

However, he would also love lending his voice to an actor.

“My love is for my own independent songs but I would also love to give my voice to an actor if the song fits well in my voice,” Darshan said in an exclusive chat with IANS.

He added: “So it’s not like that I don’t want to sing in Bollywood, if the song is right for me, I like the song and I connect with it I would definitely want to sing it for a movie.”

“But my personal preference is independent music because I am very much connected to the songs. I am creating them and I am in the process of making them.”

The singer recently featured in MTV’s 10-episode musical show titled ‘Unacademy Unwind’.


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