Dharmendra Pradhan Is Jealous of Chief Minister’s Popularity; Insulting Sambalpuri Weavers: BJD

Bhubaneswar: Even though Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal President Naveen Patnaik is yet to start the election campaigning, his Jodi Sankha video has already created an emotional chord among the people of Odisha.

The Jodi Sankha video featuring the Chief Minister wearing a traditional Sambalpuri Lungi has become so popular that it broke all records on the social media platform ‘Instagram’. In less than 24 hours, it has created a ripple and garnered more that 4 million video views.

Union Minister and senior BJP leader Dharmendra Pradhan has become so jealous of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s growing popularity that he is having sleepless nights, said the Biju Janata Dal.

Losing his mind in jealousy and anger, Pradhan criticized the Sambalpuri lungi worn by the Chief Minister. By doing this, he has insulted the tradition and culture of Odisha. Lakhs of weavers who made it, lakhs of people of Odisha who wear it have been insulted by the Union Minister, said BJD spokespersons Dr. Sasmit Patra and Swayam Prakash Mahapatra in a press briefing.

Weavers have a strong economy in the state. Their products are popular and in high demand. Dharmendra Pradhan has made a sinister effort to hurt this powerful economy. Even today, lakhs of people in Odisha and its rural areas still wear lungi. That lungi is made by the weavers of Odisha. The lungi worn by the Chief Minister is a Sambalpuri lungi. Behind that lungi lies the hard work of many weavers.

Union Minister Pradhan has been out of Odisha for many years. He has spent a lot of time in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. That is why he has forgotten the contribution of his brothers and sisters who weaved Odisha’s tradition, culture and economy, said the BJD spokespersons while asking the Union Minister to apologize to the lakhs of weavers, especially the people of Odisha and the people of Sambalpur for insulting their traditions.

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