For Fahmaan Khan, sets of ‘Krishna Mohini’ ‘became his ‘personal music academy’

Mumbai: Actor Fahmaan Khan has sought singing tips from his ‘Krishna Mohini’ co-star Debattama Saha, sharing how the set has become his personal music academy, with her taking on the role of his guru.

The show features Fahmaan as Aryaman and Debattama as Krishna. Their offscreen camaraderie is a hit on social media, with a recent video of Fahmaan comically lip-syncing to Debattama’s soulful vocals going viral.

This moment sparked a newfound passion in Fahmaan, who has always had a deep love for music, prompting him to seek singing tips from Debattama during the show’s shoots.

Talking about the same, Fahmaan shared: “Music has always been an integral part of my life. However, little did I know that my passion for singing would find an unexpected mentor in my incredible co-star, Debattama. That viral video showcasing her melodious voice while I lip-synced rekindled my passion to hone my vocal skills.”

“From that moment on, the sets of ‘Krishna Mohini’ became my personal music academy, with Debattama graciously taking on the role of my guru. I am forever grateful to her for nurturing my love for singing, and by nurturing, I mean her providing her beautiful voice for me to lip-sync to. I shouldn’t be singing publicly otherwise, especially around people who sing this well,” Fahmaan added.

In the current track, Pia guides Krishna and Mohan (Ketaki Kulkarni) in college, assuring Aryaman that she’ll look after Mohan. However, Ananya feels neglected by Aryaman’s focus on Krishna and unsuccessfully tries to provoke him.

Meanwhile, Krishna insists on staying with Mohan. In the canteen, Sid and Vikas discuss keeping an eye on Mohan, piquing Krishna’s curiosity. Later, in class, Mohan meets Anuradha, whom he encountered earlier. As the class ends, Krishna and Mohan are shocked to learn about Anuradha’s past.

‘Krishna Mohini’ airs on Colors.


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