Gurpreet Singh on ‘Vanshaj’ role: ‘Careful wardrobe selection, grooming added elegance’

Mumbai: Actor Gurpreet Singh, who essays the role of Rafique Baig in the show ‘Vanshaj’, has called it a fascinating character with a complex journey, adding about the qualities he has embodied for his performance.

In recent episodes, tensions rise between Yukti (Anjali Tatrari) and DJ (Mahir Pandhi) as the discovery of Yukti’s true identity becomes a focal point.

The introduction of Rafique Baig (Gurpreet), has spiced up things as he joins the Yukti-DJ merger deal, adding to the ongoing intense battle for inheritance.

Gurpreet steps into the role of Rafique, a smart entrepreneur bringing drastic turns to ‘Vanshaj’.

Known for his refined taste and sophistication, Mr Baig has an air of elegance and authority. He loves poetry, adding depth to his cultured character. His rich style reflects his wealth and influence.

Speaking about the preparations, Gurpreet said: “In playing Mr Baig, I aimed to showcase his refined taste and elegance through subtle acting choices. I paid attention to small details like his gestures and how he speaks aiming to portray sophistication and grace in every scene. Also, careful selection of wardrobe and grooming added to the character’s overall sense of elegance.”

Gurpreet, known for his work in ‘Kahiin to Hoga’ shared that Rafique is a fascinating character with a complex journey.

“Initially introduced as a shrewd businessman, he evolves throughout the show. Throughout the series, he deals with complicated relationships and power struggles, making his story engaging and dynamic,” he said.

‘Vanshaj’ airs on Sony SAB.


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