‘Hamar Kashi, Hamar Vikas’ organised at Varanasi’s NaMo ghat; over 1,500 artists participate

New Delhi: A one-of-its kind ‘Hamar Kashi, Hamar Vikas’ was organised at Varanasi’s NaMo ghat on Wednesday to motivate the locals and seek their participation and contribution in the ‘Viksit Kashi’ dream and also in the shared vision for developed India.

More than 1,500 participants, including more than 50 senior artists, art faculty, art students, professionals, first-time voters, women, and general attendees, came together to show their support for the initiative.

The workshop with the theme “Hamar Kashai Hamar Vikas” saw senior artists painting on easels and canvases, art faculty and students working on long-running canvas.

The event also featured a diverse array of folk artists from Varanasi, including dancers, musicians, potters, and sculptors, who showcased their unique talents.

Their art not only captured the essence of Viksit Kashi but also promoted the “Vocal for Local” initiative, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and local craftsmanship of the region.

The participants, enamoured with the vibrant program, pledged to contribute to the vision of Viksit Kashi through their artistic skills.

Many of the participants spoke to IANS and shed light on the importance and the reason behind such a workshop.

Harsh Vardhan Sharma, a retired professor from Jammu said that the event provided a platform to the artists to showcase their vision of Viksit Bharat and how they could enthuse and encourage the younger lot and instil in them a curiosity and desire to work towards ‘Viksit Kashi and Viksit Bharat’.

“Many local artistes participated in the workshop and shared their experience of changes and transformation of their city by drawing painting on the canvas,” he said.

Claiming that he has been a regular visitor to Varanasi for the past 35 years, he said that never before he saw the city shining bright with such cleanliness and hygiene and credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led dispensation for the same.

“Earlier, Indians looked at the Western world with awe and astonishment, but today, the global powers are looking up to Bharat. This is just the beginning of Bharat’s rise,” he said.

Adwait Gannayak, one of the organisers said that more than 7,000 artistes are likely to accumulate to showcase their vision of Viksit Bharat via their artworks.

He said that the purpose behind the event was to combine the strengths of traditional and contemporary artists and create a framework for robust growth, and added that Kashi will become the key centre of Vishwaguru, the role that the country has envisaged for itself and set to achieve in the near future.

The lively ambience at Namo Ghat and the active participation of artists and attendees indeed made for an impactful event on the journey towards Viksit Kashi.


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